2005-02-18 at 2:36 p.m.

Michelle is...

I have been playing around with Googlism lately. 'Googlism' is just another of the myriad ways to Google oneself. It searches the web and gives you back text entries starting with the phrase "[your word] is..."

I typed my name into Googlism and got the following results. Some of them are true. Some of them are false. I leave it to you to determine which is which.

michelle is sitting

michelle is front page news

michelle is running away

michelle is amazing

michelle is sitting with her back to the dressing room wall

michelle is safe and dry

michelle is thursday

michelle is dumb

michelle is seen with her favorite fashion accessories

michelle is the winner of seven world championship titles

michelle is a writer

michelle is really helping us modernize the bond films

michelle is in the 4th grade but is very tall for her age

michelle is the voice of reason in certain situations

michelle is truly a legend in ladies' skating

michelle is a gifted communicator who has the ability to entertain young people as she ministers through song

michelle is incredibly intelligent

michelle is sustaining electrical engineering designs for the international space station

michelle is none too happy

michelle is responsible

michelle is currently single

michelle is the great

michelle is far from shy

michelle is well known for her role in the bbc tv series eastenders

michelle is equipped with a very robust wine list

michelle is ready for the surgery

michelle is dazed and confused

michelle is already a legend

michelle is a dangerous thing

michelle is flourishing creatively

michelle is feeling the vibe

michelle is a highly underrated comic actress

michelle is classically trained

michelle is moving toward the northeast near 13 mph

michelle is in fact a welsh sheep farmer who drives a lorry


Anyone who happens to be interested (ie, me) will be pleased to know that my insomnia cleared up as soon as I went back to work. It seems that boredom not only causes me to do stupid things and drink heavily, it also prevents me from sleeping. My boredom is a dangerous thing.

Also, I have not forgotten my promise to write another kitten review. It will happen, I promise, so you can all stop signing me up for beastiality porn.

Really. Please stop.

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